5 Mindset Hacks That Won’t Work

Transformation is what many are looking for to free themselves from their challenging circumstances and invisible walls so they can reach their goals and live the life they want. There are oh so many “helpful” things available out there and on the internet that you can go search for.  But you don’t always know what you are getting or what the limitations are of what you find. Unfortunately, myths are being shared as truth and when people are in real need, they often grasp blindly at everything they can find. So, I want to clear a few things up about common and popular mindset hacks that won’t exactly do the trick.


#1 – Just Think Positive & Do Affirmations!


Your brain isn’t stupid. It knows your belief system.

You affirm in the mirror that you are beautiful. Your inner voice says, “Nope, you are too fat, and your nose is too big”.

Sure, thinking positive is helpful for motivation and prevents you from wallowing in your sorrows, but because your beliefs are so deeply ingrained and automatic, improperly citing positive affirmations just leads to wasted time and effort in disagreeing with yourself internally.

Your beliefs will override your conscious positive thoughts every time!


#2 – Abide By The Laws of Attraction


If you think it, it will come. I hate to break it to you, but this is NOT the Field of Dreams!

While there is definitely validity to what you put out into the Universe is what you get back, you can’t just sit at home on your couch eating cookies all day and think yourself thin and fit for example.

All this does is end in create disappointment and resentment toward self because deep-down you know this to be true. The only way to change your circumstances for the better is to take aligned ACTION.


#3 – Do Some “Talk Therapy”


While a traditional talk-therapy, counseling process does have its benefits, you can’t just talk away all your emotions and problems.

I have my roots in the traditional psychotherapy model, so I do understand how it is helpful to many and also to what extent. But, if you have unresolved issues and try to bury the past, including the uncomfortable emotions that come with it, the goal of your subconscious is to NOT think about them let alone talk about them. Therefore, most people spend a lot of time attending to their symptoms versus the real problem.

Plus, just talking about unresolved issues can sometimes trigger someone and creates a situation where they re-experience what they are trying so hard to avoid. They end up bailing on the process.


 #4 – Fake It Until You Make It


While there is something to be said about stepping into who you WANT to become every so often as a means to boost confidence, you can’t “fake” away childhood trauma or other painful life experiences.

If you think you are doing this successfully, you are just fooling yourself. Sorry to be the bearers of bad news here. And guess what, you are STILL stuck in the same patterns because your nervous system and what is stored in your body at a cellular level is really what is driving your bus.


#5 – Time Heals All Wounds


Many people operate from the belief that “time heals all wounds”. Well yes, if you cut your shin on a tree branch. Your body will heal the wound with time. But when it comes to the emotional stuff, this is not the case. Unfortunately, all that does is keep people stuck in victimization, helplessness, and a constant “waiting” for things to get better.

No matter how much time goes by, you STILL have memories and you still have emotions attached to those memories no matter how old they are.  And no, you didn’t really bury them even if you think you did.  And don’t even get me started on everything passed on to you in your DNA, time has definitely not taken care of or healed that!

If you sweep the dirt under the rug, it’s still there. Time isn’t a maid or your mom, it doesn’t clean up the mess. Unfortunately, you have to do that.

Mostly, people do mean well when they give advice and tips on how to deal with your struggles, find emotional freedom and reach transformation. It is important that you use discernment though when presented with all these mindset techniques, many of them just simply do not work or they are limited in their effectiveness. No one wants to waste unnecessary time or energy on that.  There is no lasting band aide for life, you just might need stitches.


Eliminate The Invisible Walls Standing In The Way Of Your Goals


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