Incorporation Therapy

Incorporation Therapy Technique assists an individual to reclaim lost parts of Self, thereby allowing changes in perceptions and reactions to past and current situations. This technique facilitates wholeness by defusing the intensity of pain associated with trauma and achieving forgiveness and acceptance of Self.  The crisis and chaos cycle, which is common in individuals with a history of trauma, abuse and/or dissociation, stops the treatment and recovery process.  Incorporation is a stabilization technique which stops the crisis and chaos cycles.

This technique does not involve hypnosis.  While there is some guidance by me, the client is still in complete control and this is client driven. There is some ground work to be done in therapy before a client is ready for Incorporation Therapy.  Usually when a person has experienced trauma and/or have been through sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and deal with dissociation (including DID) there are thought patterns and behaviors, self sabotage, unhealthy loyalties, shame, blame and guilt issues to name a few that have to be addressed first.