Meet Susanne

Susanne Mealer

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist, Trauma and Dissociation Expert, Certified Hypnotherapist, writer, natural explorer and curious, fitness enthusiast, and huge dog lover. My true passion is helping people who have suffered any form of trauma and/or dysfunction in their life at any age in the most effective way possible so they can live thriving lives. I use techniques that allow for revisiting as opposed to reliving difficult experiences which provides rapid results, emotional freedom, and personal empowerment.

I have extensive experience in working with clients who are dealing with mindset issues along with fear and anxiety. My specializations, my own journey of immigrating independently to the United States from Denmark at the young age of 20, and my experience of running a successful business has given me great insight into both life and business/career challenges.

I believe that to achieve what you truly want in your life, relationships, health, and work in the world, you must look at the bigger picture both inside and outside of your entire self – mind, body and spirit.