Complimentary Consultation

Get Ready for a Totally Different Experience.

There are LOTS of Consultants and Self-Development Programs to Choose From. Let’s See if We Are The Right Solution For YOU.

People like yourself know that it is a necessary decision to do work on yourself to help you break free and accelerate your path to the results you want in your life and business.

But let’s be honest, not all of the programs and consultants out there have the experience or credentials to help you make the transformation you want. We do.

We are going to take a deep look where you are in your life and business and identify the specific challenges you have and what you need. If you are a good fit, we will tell you about the solution we feel is best for you.

Susanne has consulted with entrepreneurs and clients in all industries. She has helped her clients gain clarity and free themselves from what is holding them back, claim and embrace the life and business they consciously desire and teaching them who they truly are. Our clients consistently report incredible transformation and “they wished they had met us and done this experience a long time ago because they would have saved so much wasted time, money, personal pain and energy.”

What makes The Hurtig Approach™ so unique is blend of spiritual and traditional tools and therapeutic processes that result in creating breakthroughs in a fraction of the time than that of traditional methods with sustainable results.