This is a powerful 2-day intensive, a customized and exclusive transformational experience designed to help you develop a deep understanding of yourself, create meaning and understanding of difficult life events, and break down the walls that are holding you back from the life and business you really want.

This is the most rapid and efficient way to resolve blocks and catapult you in your desired direction. This experience is designed to take you through your soul level purpose, gifts, and how you best reach your goals, to give you a serious emotional and energetic “detox” so you can tear down the walls of drama, trauma and chaos, gain a new sense of freedom and success, giving you a more complete and comprehensive solution that lasts. You get 1:1 access with Susanne throughout the 2 days.



This experience is designed to promote greater awareness about who you are and what truly impacts you, so you can make the important connections between your body, mind and soul and begin to break down the walls that cause self-sabotage and keeping you stuck. It is the most affordable way to invest in yourself and begin the process of self-discovery and transformation. You get 1:1 virtual access with Susanne.



The Couple’s Experience is a powerful 3-day customized exclusive intensive for romantic partners designed to give you the all the benefits of the individual experience PLUS help you develop a deep understanding of each other’s true communication style, preferences, and soul-level strengths improving overall communication, understanding, and intimacy.

This process helps couples who want to truly deepen their closeness and understanding of each other, and/or who might be questioning their future together and want some clarity as to direction.

This is the quickest and most efficient way to resolve emotional and energetic blocks within your relationship and catapult you in the direction you desire. It is designed to take both of you through the entire Hurtig Approach™ Experience from start to finish, and you get 1:1 access with Susanne throughout the 3 days.