Do You Have Invisible Roadblocks Standing In Your Way of Success?

You have big goals, whatever that looks like.  A seven-figure business.  Spending more time with your family. Upgrading your home. More money to donate to the causes that tug at your heart, or for the non-profit that you want to build.

So why do you fall short of achieving some of these goals?  What stops you?  You are standing on the road and are faced in the right direction, but you don’t seem to be moving.

This is because there are INVISIBLE forces at play that most people don’t even consider.

Here are the top hidden roadblocks that are standing in your way.

  1. YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS:  It’s responsible for all your body operations.  Thank God you don’t have to remember to breathe every 30 seconds!  There’d be a LOT of floppy fish on the ground.

It’s a powerhouse, meant to deliver all that you want.  But it’s very obedient and abides by what you say.  If you tell it that you suck, it delivers you opportunities to truly suck.

It has a whole database of “rules” and “regulations”.  But you can’t really see this database, and there is a ton of shit in there that I promise, you totally want to delete.

  1. YOUR AMYGDALA:  Your nervous system is a very primitive part of your physical make-up.  It has a memory and database of its own, another one that you can’t see.

It’s your flight or flight mechanism, so it does have an important role.  Shoot, if you were in imminent danger, you would want this little bugger to do its job, wouldn’t you?

However, it does get confused sometimes.

Let’s say it encoded a class presentation gone wrong when you were in 5th grade. You don’t really remember all the details from way back when, but you do know that 5th grade was a horrible year for you. But since you are no longer in 5th grade, you just write it off as insignificant childhood stuff.

Your amygdala did its thing though and documented that public speaking (even if it was just a 5th grade history report) is bad, bad, and more bad.

Now, whenever you go to give a business presentation, your body breaks out in a cold sweat.

Public speaking is NOT a life or death situation.  But according to your amygdala, it’s dangerous nonetheless so it will bring out all the stops!

  1. SOUL-LEVEL BLOCKS: This is not your soul’s first rodeo.  It has incarnated many times before this one which allows for A LOT of mistakes and screw-ups.

For the most part we remedy our wrong doings.  But that isn’t always the case.  For whatever reason we CHOOSE to remain knee deep in a shitty or misaligned situation, so the negative consequence of that choice lingers and continues.

History does keep repeating itself!

All that is conscious to you, though, is knowing you are sick and tired of creating the same kind of circumstances and making multiple promises to yourself (that never stick, and you keep breaking) that you will stop.

The root of these past-life experiences are not part of your conscious mind. So, until they become part of your awareness, you are at the mercy of an invisible energetic force.

  1. YOUR DNA:  Yes, you read that right, your DNA. Every single impactful experience, choice and belief we have is stored in our cells at the genetic level. Yikes think about that for a minute, that is a LOT just in this lifetime!

As if that is not enough to deal with, our ancestors’ stuff then also becomes OUR stuff. We end up living life according to beliefs from someone in our lineage from for example 10 generations ago and with no knowledge of what it is and how exactly it is impacting us and creating problems today.

The good news is that all of the “unseen” can be uncovered.  This is why I look at the mind, body, AND soul when working with my clients.

Until you make what is IN-visible, visible, then you are helpless to move it out of your path.