Identify where Your Invisible Walls Are Hiding

Identify where Your Invisible Walls Are Hiding

Often, people are completely unaware of what it truly is that is getting in their way of achieving or doing what they want.  They just know that they feel limited in some way, inadequate in others, something is missing.  Their life, relationships and/or business is affected, and they are not able to pinpoint why.  Although some people do have an idea of at least what could be contributing, they don’t have the entire story and are not able to move forward; sometimes illness is present as well.  They feel like they are boxed in, like a prison. These are the invisible walls I am talking about. Ok, so I know that walls can’t technically hide, but you sure do put them up in many different places.


Let’s talk about the 3 main places where you build them.


#1 – Your Mind


You have a conscious mind and a subconscious and unconscious mind. Your conscious mind includes all the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that you are aware of. You know they are there.

The subconscious and unconscious mind includes the deeply buried thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that you use for self-protection.

Your subconscious mind can totally drive your bus, and influence your actions, but you aren’t really aware it’s happening. It puts up “walls” for you as part of its safety system as a means to help you cope with difficult events.

The whole gamut starts as a conscious process. Some kind of negative situation or event happens. This leads to a thought about said event, which leads to an emotion, which then leads to a behavior. You are acutely aware of what is going on because most likely you are experiencing some form of embarrassment, sadness, shame, guilt, and disappointment and keep replaying what happened over in your mind despite really wanting to forget about it. You then purposefully choose an action that helps you to avoid the problem.

When this cycle is repeated as a conscious process, it eventually forms a belief, and these beliefs become so ingrained that your subconscious or unconscious kicks in and adopts them as 100% true. You are now on autopilot and no longer give your actions a second thought, even if these actions no longer help you.

The thing about your subconscious and unconscious is that it is very obedient and it’s not a critical thinker. If you keep telling it that you are worthless, then it simply agrees. “Yes, you are worthless.” It doesn’t say, “hey, this belief won’t really help you and maybe we should toss it”. It just acts on your behalf to support whatever you tell it.

Any action out of self-protection puts up a wall between you and your goals, your career, your friends / family, and yourself. You are not free to be yourself, nor go after your dreams because you are trapped inside your perfectly protected cage.


#2 – Your Physical Body


At a cellular level, your body remembers stuff. This is your nervous system in action.From a historical perspective (like caveman era) worrying about living was a daily ritual.The nervous system was constantly on high alert for predators and environmental risks.

Fortunately, in modern times, while we still have our share of violence, most of us don’t worry every minute of every day about physical safety. But your primitive nervous system still responds to EVERY perceived threat as a life or death situation. Your nervous system still lives in the caveman era.

Here’s how you put up walls at the physical body level…

You have a little almond shaped mechanism in the front of your brain called the amygdala. Your amygdala is responsible for keeping you alert to potential dangerousness through natural instinct but also through fear learned from the environment. It basically “remembers” your negative experiences and emotions, and stores the information appropriately. It then triggers a fight, flight, or freeze response whenever a stimulus presents itself that could be threatening.

Whenever your fight, flight, or freeze response is triggered, a surge of adrenaline and cortisone (your stress hormones) run through your body, impacting other organs and systems.

Just like your subconscious, your amygdala isn’t a logical thinker. It’s not that smart.

It doesn’t recognize the difference between a life and death mugging, and a not-so life or death public speaking mishap. It just knows it was an embarrassing experience for you, you felt a slew of uncomfortable emotions, and that you need to be kept safe from a repeat occurrence. So, the second you even THINK about taking action that is even remotely similar to a negatively encoded experience, your physical body joins the game  by putting up “walls” in the form of:

Panic attacks.

Extreme exhaustion.



Chronic anxiety.

Headaches or migraines.

Excessive sweating.

Heart palpitations.

In the most extreme situations, ongoing and ignored distress creates situations where certain organs in your body are suppressed and are constantly shut-down, while others are totally overworked. This then manifests as physical disease in the form of adrenal fatigue, ovarian cysts, ulcers and digestive problems, thyroid malfunctions, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, and even cancer.

Now your body is really trapped!


#3 – Your Spirit (aka Soul)


You really have two voices inside of you. One lives in your head, and endlessly chatters all day long. It can tell you positive things. It can also tell you how much you suck.

Your other voice is your soul voice, your spirit, who you truly are. You can also call it “intuition” if that sounds better to you, or your “sixth sense”.

Your soul voice is very quiet, it’s matter of fact, and there’s no real drama or negativity involved. It’s very short, blunt, and gets to the point. This is the voice that whispers, “don’t walk that way”, when you have the option to take a short cut down a dark alley at night. It’s the voice that gives you a nudge to stop complaining and start taking action.

It’s a nice balance between support and firm guidance.

Because your soul voice is so quiet, it is often ignored unless you are intentionally tuned in to listen. One of the main problems is that we live in a society with A LOT of noise, chaos, and information. People have become less and less in tune with themselves, and more caught up in the distractions of social media, TV, Internet surfing, and what others are doing. A big, giant wall is then built around your soul voice. You stop listening to the real you in favor of what sounds good, looks good, or is more “logical”.

You start to make choices that are totally misaligned from your inner truth which just leads to unhappiness, unfulfillment, and a lack of abundance.

So, as you can see, it is very important to identify where your invisible walls are hiding, the consequences of them can show up literally everywhere.  Gaining that complete picture and insight will help in living a life of alignment, finding relief from physical and emotional symptoms, reaching your goals, and living your ideal life.  This is priceless!  If freedom, happiness, abundance and fulfillment is what you are looking for, identifying your invisible walls, no matter where they are hiding; mind, body or soul must happen.


Break Through Your Invisible Walls and Out of Your Emotional Prison.


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