Signs You Have Unresolved Trauma

Trauma can be a lot of different things so don’t get stuck on the idea that since you didn’t experience childhood abuse, you don’t have trauma.

Any kind of difficult life situation (divorce, bankruptcy, loss of a family member) creates an emotional response that impacts how you function.


Here are a few signs you have unresolved trauma / emotions:


  1.  Your relationships suffer: family, friends, colleagues, and self.

Oftentimes people that are under emotional distress purposefully create conflicts as a means to avoid addressing what is really wrong.  If you also have poor boundaries with yourself and others, it’s very easy for other people to take advantage of you; you might feel like quite the doormat.

Poor boundaries show up as saying “yes” to everything as a way to please others or get some kind of approval or validation.  In an opposite fashion, saying “no” to everything is a way to isolate, avoid, and gain a sense of safety.

  1.  You avoid taking care of yourself.

When plagued with difficult emotions, self-care is often the first coping method to go.  You can have a great deal of fear when it comes to being by yourself and quieting your mind, whether you are trying to meditate, take a bath, take a long walk, etc.  It might seem hard to be alone, to be with just yourself because the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings are sure to surface.

Without proper self-care, the body becomes overly stressed which creates a whole new set of issues.

  1.  Your bank account is suffering. Regardless of whether you own your own business, or you work for someone else, if you are not focused, prepared, and on your A game, you risk losing your job, contracts and clients.
  1.  You are distracting yourself with addictive behaviors. Keep in mind, addictive behaviors don’t just include drugs and alcohol.  Gambling, “retail therapy”, eating, promiscuity, and spiritual and religious escapism are also ways to completely distract yourself from dealing with the real issue.


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