The Hurtig Approach™

The Hurtig Approach™ is an evolutionary method to help clients identify the invisible blocks and subconscious self-sabotaging beliefs that are keeping them stuck in drama, trauma and chaos cycles that interfere with creating the life and business results they consciously desire most. What makes The Hurtig Approach so unique is blend of spiritual and traditional tools and therapeutic processes that result in creating breakthroughs in a fraction of the time than that of traditional therapy with sustainable results.



The problem is never the problem – it is the symptom of the real issue that is causing the ‘problem’ of what you are experiencing. And to make matters worse, 99% of the time it is outside of our conscious awareness. No matter how much you work on the “problem” at hand, it will never resolve. During this process, we investigate the conscious, the subconscious and soul level information to identify the ROOT cause of why you are having the undesirable experiences you are having.



Each human being is as unique as a fingerprint. We all are born with a soul-level imprint which encompasses gifts, greater purpose, strengths, and how you best create results in your life and/or business. It is imperative that you understand your true self imprint versus the current perceived version you’ve created based on your past experiences. For the “partner” experience, it gives you a deep understanding of the relationship dynamics as well.



Awareness is key and our goal of this process is to unveil the underlying subconscious beliefs. When you have awareness and we create a conscious understanding of how your mind and body work together to store difficult experiences or trauma, and how your past and current choices impact your future both in this lifetime and next. You will then be better able to make impactful decisions that will support your well-being and achieving desired results from that moment forward.



MY proprietary technique blends a variety of therapeutic tools and processes the result in your ability to process your stored negative emotions and experiences quickly and efficiently without having to re-live them, so you can gain the freedom needed to make new and improved choices and changes. The effectiveness of this combination allows you to generate more effective results in two days than often is accomplished in years of traditional therapy.



We are made up of energy. I will take you through the process to clear the invisible energetic ties that are encasing you in a prison of your own making and creating negative consequences. Once cleared you now will experience life in an entirely different way with much greater ease and flow. You will also experience dramatically more positive outcomes as a result of the new level to make choices from a more aligned place.