Imagine having the life you want where you thrive and feel like you are in control!

Outside of Susanne’s Hurtig™ Approach Consulting services, Susanne runs a thriving Psychotherapy practice specializing in Trauma, Dissociation (DID), Anxiety, PTSD, Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Verbal, Spiritual Abuse and in Issues Related to First Responders and Military.

When dealing with anxiety, depression, flashbacks, sound sensitivity, difficulty sleeping or other symptoms due to trauma and stress, just getting through the day, every day, can be extremely challenging.  It mostly feels like you are just barely existing, not really living. Surely you have tried many things by now, yet you haven’t found the relief and the solution you need. Simply put, it is hard to function.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to live a life without intrusive anxiety, to find the motivation to do the things you want, manage stressors, have restful sleep and be free of flashbacks and all your other symptoms?

Susanne believes in YOU and she can help!

Having spent years working with people just like you, her expertise with trauma in combination with a highly effective treatment approach can be the solution for you if you want to grow and thrive. In working together, you can become a thriver and claim your life. Let her join you on this journey.


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Susanne R Mealer
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