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Rapid Reduction Technique (RRT)


The Rapid Reduction Technique® is a method designed to decrease the symptoms of PTSD, such as flashbacks and intrusive memories, associated with unresolved grief and loss.  Several factors make RRT a quick and effective therapeutic intervention.

  1. The amygdala part of the brain processes trauma information.

a. During trauma, the amygdala focuses the brain entirely on survival.

b. The amygdala required resolution prior to releasing the information to long-term storage

c. When trauma is experienced, the person symbolically leaves a piece of him/herself behind in the trauma.

d. When something triggers the memory, the amygdala reacts as if the trauma were happening in the present.

2. When the memory of the trauma is brought to consciousness, the strong emotional connection to the trauma memory is with the
self-figure in the memory.

a. Each time the survivor approaches and backs off from the trauma memory, the related emotional intensity increases.

b. If the self-figure is removed from the trauma memory, the emotional connection to the memory is markedly decreased.

c. If there is no strong emotional connection, the amygdala is satisfied with the resolution, and releases the information to long-term storage.

3. This allows the person to process the information/event without becoming overwhelmed by emotions.



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